Domestic Violence Laws

Have you been the victim of domestic violence from your partner? You may benefit from speaking to a domestic violence lawyer in Brisbane at Hooper Family Lawyers. A domestic violence lawyer can help you understand what legal rights you have, and what steps you can take to protect yourself and/or your children.

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Important information on protection orders

Domestic violence proceedings have undergone some changes recently in October 2012.

To obtain a “Protection Order” in Queensland the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 requires that you must establish on the balance of probabilities:

  • That an act of domestic violence as defined in the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 has occurred, and;
  • That it is necessary or desirable for the court to make the order.

The definition of domestic violence has become broader and now includes “economic abuse” and “emotional abuse” as potential acts of domestic violence.

Temporary orders are available at the court’s discretion without a full hearing of the evidence and it is available for a respondent to consent to an order being made on a “without admissions” basis.

If you are in a situation whereby you need to obtain a Protection Order; or you have been served with an application for a Protection Order and need advice, the domestic violence lawyers in Brisbane at Hooper Family Lawyers can help you.

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