Family Law Advice Initial Consultation

For an initial consultation we charge a flat fee inclusive of GST.

The attendance will go for as long as we need to properly advise you with respect to each area of family law relevant to you; and answer all the questions that you have.

In detail…

After the initial attendance we will provide you with a detailed written advice covering the topics discussed at the initial attendance.

Generally we recommend that you set aside between 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours.

To get the most out of the initial attendance, we recommend you complete and return our initial attendance instruction sheet. This will allow you to start thinking about the information we consider is relevant and provide us with an understanding of the background of your matter prior to seeing you for the first time.

Some divorce lawyers in Brisbane provide a free initial attendance however the old adage “you get what you pay for” rings true. If your initial appointment is rushed you may receive insufficient advice or worse yet, advice that hasn’t given proper consideration to all of the nuances or circumstances of your matter.

Hooper Family Lawyers initial attendance fee makes our initial attendance cost effective which means we can afford to give your matter the full attention it deserves from the beginning.

Correct legal advice saves money and harmonious post separation relationships. In our experience bad advice often translates into litigation, expense and acrimony.

Having the correct advice early facilitates an understanding of the family law system, allows you to formulate a position in accordance with your rights and range of outcomes, and allows you to plan from the beginning how a resolution will be achieved.

The legal advice you receive at our initial attendance is structured as follows:

  • Run through the back ground facts to provide context to our advice;
  • Have you explain to us what is concerning you;
  • Explore with you whether you might benefit from a referral to reconciliation counseling;
  • Identify the issues and the areas of family law relevant to you;
  • Provide you with advice as to the law for each area relevant to you, including procedural as well as substantive matters;
  • Apply the law to each area of concern you have;
  • Explore your options for resolution;
  • Provide you with an estimate of costs for each option;
  • Answer any questions you may still have.

Our initial attendance is comprehensive and we find few people have any questions left at the end.

We never stop providing advice, either as requested by you or as is necessary during the course of your matter.

We are a small specialised team working on your file at all times. Our family law accredited specialist will conduct your file, assisted by our junior solicitor, paralegal and support staff.

Outside the office we maintain relationships with a large number of external stakeholders such as accountants, financial planners, valuers, counselors, mediators, barristers, family report writers, psychologists, forensic toxicologists, private investigators just to name a few.

These people and organisations are available to assist with advice or expert evidence if necessary in your matter.

We enjoy having the latest technology which allows us to act for you in most circumstances regardless of your physical location.

We have represented people living in Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand and other countries. We have acted against people in other countries, and for and against people situated in remote mining locations in Western Australia.

The most obvious situation when a physical presence is required is for important court dates however for most other aspects of our representation technology can assist to bridge the gap.

At Hooper Family Lawyers Brisbane our emails and messages services reach us 24 hours a day.

We are here for You

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