Trusts and Separation published 2 October 2018

“Family trusts” are a common structure through which people may operate a business or hold assets.

Sole Use and Occupancy of the Former Matrimonial Home published 14 March 2014

Applying for sole use and occupancy of the Former Matrimonial Homes and the pro’s and con’s.

Asset Protection, Family Law and Succession Planning published 10 October 2013

Can a binding financial agreement also be used as a succession planning tool; or to protect against a family provision claim pursuant to the Succession Act 1981?

The Full Court of the Family Court sheds more light on Stanford and the 4 step process published 9 October 2013

How does the 4 step process operate post Stanford in terms of the practical considerations in providing client’s with advice?

Recordings as evidence in courts exercising jurisdiction under Family Law 1975 published 19 August 2013

Recordings can be clear evidence however using recordings in the Family Law system can also cause problems for the person with the recording device.

Applications for litigation expenses aka “Hogan Orders” published 16 August 2013

In situations of financial power imbalance orders can be sought requiring that the party with funds pay for the other parties litigation expenses.-The power to make these orders comes from a number of sources.

Liar Liar pants on fire published 16 August 2013

What happens when someone lies to a Government Department yet wants to “come clean” in the Family Court?