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Finding a Brisbane or Gold Coast family lawyer at Christmas time

While Christmas is a time for bringing families together, unfortunately it is also a time when family disputes can occur.  As a family lawyer of some 18 years experience I have long noted the seasonal nature of family law work, and in particular that there is an increase in family law enquiries over, or just […]

Congratulations Shaun Mill

In the last 12 months Shaun Mill of our office has completed two very significant milestones in his career as a Brisbane family lawyer. First, Shaun graduated from his Masters degree in Applied Family Law in 2018; and second, Shaun has successfully completed Accredited Specialisation – Family Law in November 2019. Most, if not all, […]

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Your first appointment with a family lawyer

Why a family lawyer is necessary? Once the dust settles from the immediate emotional aspects of a separation, for many people thoughts will turn towards how and what is the best course of action to facilitate a swift, clean and lest costly relationship breakup. From a myriad of concerns, things such as financial support and […]

What is Equal Shared Parental Responsibility?

Introduction The Family Law Amendment (Shared Parental Responsibility) Act 2006 heralded substantial changes to the way in which parenting disputes were to be determined in Australia. In the Explanatory Memorandum to the amending Act it was noted the changes hope to: “support and promote shared parenting and encourage people to reach agreement about parenting of […]

Family Law Property Settlement without having to go to Court

Most people following marriage breakdown and separation wish to avoid having to go to court and want to resolve property settlement as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. Separation is an emotional time and it is not uncommon for family law solicitors to encounter situations where poor communication and troubled relationships impede the party’s […]

Federal Circuit and Family Court

Update on Family Court and Federal Circuit Court reform In May 2018 Peter Hooper’s blog referred to the Federal Government’s announcement of a significant shake up of the Australian Family Law Courts system. The changes were due to occur on 1 January 2019 however delays have been encountered and at the current date the changes […]


Parenting Process

How is a child custody dispute resolved in Queensland without going to Court? Firstly, parenting disputes in Queensland are dealt with in the same way as for the majority of the Country. This is because since most States referred their power over children’s matters back to the Commonwealth. Thus, the law concerning parenting after separation, […]