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Costs in Family Law Matters

Most people understand that legal services are expensive. Lawyers are highly trained professionals who spend many years (and many dollars themselves) towards obtaining degrees, being out of the full-time workforce studying and incurring HECS debt.  Some lawyers have fixed fee agreements or a hybrid of fixed costs and time costing for different tasks however by […]

Covid 19 Border Restrictions Queensland

The Covid 19 pandemic has created chaos for the lives of many people and industries. Within the Family Law and wider legal industry, the effects have largely been to cause lawyers to adapt to new ways of practice and for Courts to modify how they operate. Obviously, the thrust of these changes is to remove/reduce […]


Time Limits in Family Law Matters

It’s not unusual in many areas of law to apply time limits to the performance of a task or making a claim. Typically, time limits are something that lawyers are very mindful of when first meeting with, and advising a client, because if time limits are missed, the family lawyer could potentially be liable if […]

Parenting Orders and Covid-19

I have noticed that as the Covid-19 crisis has continued, many parents have sought advice as to whether the lock down and restriction of movement means parenting orders no longer need to be complied with.  In some case I have seen parents use Covid 19 as an excuse to breach orders in circumstances that in […]