If you don’t know where your child or a parent is living, a “location order” or “Commonwealth Information Order” authorises a government department such as Centrelink or the ATO to provide the court registrar with information to identify where the parent of a child is living.

This information is then used to affect service of court documents.

A “recovery order” is an order directing the Federal Police to recover a child back into the care of a primary carer, prohibit the removal of the child from the care of a person and/or authorise the arrest of the person who took the child.

You can apply for a recovery order if there is a parenting order in your favour or if you are the person who the child usually lives with or spends time with depending on the circumstances of the child being removed.

In situations where children have been abruptly removed from their regular circumstances it is important to avoid delay and contact a family lawyer Brisbane such as Peter Hooper, as soon as possible.

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