Is your former partner seeking spousal maintenance payments from you? Are you looking for a way to maintain the lifestyle you earned whilst with your former partner? You may benefit from speaking to a spousal maintenance solicitor in Brisbane at Hooper Family Lawyers. We’ll be able to help you understand what your rights and obligations are.

Read on to find out more about what to expect from your appointment with a spousal maintenance lawyer in Brisbane.

What is spousal maintenance?

Married couples who separate (and de facto couples who separate after 1 March 2009), may be liable for or entitled to spousal maintenance. Spousal maintenance becomes an issue where one party is unable to support themselves adequately (due to having the care of children, incapacity for employment or any adequate reason) while the other party is reasonably able to provide support.

Spousal Maintenance can be provided for in a Binding Financial Agreement, in a Consent Order or can be awarded by a Judge.

Many people are aware of child support obligation but have not considered the possibility of receiving spousal support. Our expert team of spousal maintenance lawyers at Hooper Family Lawyers Brisbane can provide you with advice as to your rights and responsibilities under the law